The lab is happy to share our new article! We developed a novel light paradigm to mimic adolescent light cycle disruption in mice!

Welcome Ashita to the lab!

June 2024

Congratulations to Lily, Janhvi, and Yatin for receiving the first and second place awards at Discover UCS! 

April 2024

Congratulations to Yatin for receiving the Outstading Senior Award!

April 2024

Congratulations to Lily and Yatin for an amazing job in their Honors Thesis Defense!

April 2024

The lab received a R21 grant from NIMH to study the circadian regulation of dopamine 1 receptor in the Nucleus Accumbens in collaboration with Francis Lab!

December 2023

Congratulations to Yatin for his Magellan Scholar Award!

November 2023

Pablo and Janhvi will present their posters at the SfN in Washington DC on 12 and 14 November 2023.

Poster number B56 November 12 and Poster number JJ3 November 14.

Congratulation to Janhvi for her Trainee Professional Development Award! 

The lab is happy to share our new review paper in collaboration with Francis Lab on cell-type specific regulation of mood disorders by the circadian clock!

Congratulations to Janhvi for her Magellan Scholar Award!

April 2023

Welcome Pablo to the lab! 

March 2023

Thank you USC for writing about our research! 

Congratulation to Janhvi and Yatin for their Honors College Research Grant

Jahnvi will study sexual dimorphic responses to environmental lighting during adolescence in the amygdala.  Yaint will study the role of the circadian pacemaker in modulating light-induced learning impairment in adolescent mice.

Alessandra will present her research at the SfN meeting in San Diego 

Date & Time: Session Title: Adolescent Mechanism Vulnerability - Tuesday,  November 15th, 10am-11am. Session Number: 438, Poster Number: 438.21  

The lab is happy to share a new editorial on negative valence system, in collaboration with Dr. Sabariego, Dr. Young and Dr. Honeycutt

Welcome Alex to the lab! 

September 2022

Many thanks to the artist Martina Zoccheddu for this beautiful painting for the lab! 

August 2022

Alessandra will present her research at the FENS 2022 in Paris 

Date & Time: Poster Session 06 - Tuesday,  July 12th, 14:00 - 17:30. Board number: S06-463. 

July 2022

Porcu Lab is officially open!!! 

Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences

University of South Carolina 

June 2022